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Hurricane & Emergency Services


We stand ready to assist property owners before, during, and after the storm.  We have experience in dealing with natural disasters.  


Do the names Frances, Jeanne and Wilma mean anything?  To us they meant long hours of preparation, ensuring the safety and protection of our clients' property.  Our crews were preparing properties for the storms long before any watches or warnings were issued.  We made a plan for every property we serviced to ensure that necessary supplies were warehoused in case we needed to protect those assets.  You did not find our staff waiting in line at the building supply stores hoping to get a few supplies!  By making plans and having supplies on hand to make properties secure from wind and rain we gave our clients the
possible protection from the storms.   We were ready!


Our staff made sure to a keep close eye on all the weather sources and kept in constant contact with owners when possible to insure everyone was safe and out of harm's way.


Our detail disaster plans allowed for quick response time to arrive at our properties.   All properties were evaluated and owners were notified of the conditions.   Crews were prepared with all equipment necessary, including fuel, to immediately begin clearing roads, entryways and building access to allow safe and secure passage.  Although clean up was a priority, preserving and maintaining properties' landscaping was also important.  We put our landscaping expertise to work in saving any viable foliage knocked down or damaged by winds and pounding rain. 

Our vendors (Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC etc.) are all established, fully licensed and available 24 hours a day.  Our extensive list of licensed vendors allowed Owners to resume their normal routine as soon as conditions were made safe.    


Click the photo above for hurricane preparedness guide

Please contact Wantland Property Services today and learn why we are South Florida's best choice for Hurricane preparation and disaster help.

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